Personalized Healthcare

At Country Road Family Medicine and Acupuncture the focus is on personalized healthcare. From the moment you walk through the door my goal is for you to feel welcome and right at home. I will take my time with you not only to treat you when you are ill but also to develop a plan together to help you reach your highest potential as a healthy, happy human being. I treat patients with conventional primary care and/ or acupuncture. It's up to you which approach you want to take. I see patients of all ages and also do home visits when medically necessary. 

Family Medicine

Family Medicine is general medicine for the whole family. Dr. Grams does not do obstetrics but sees patients of all ages and looks forward to helping you with your general medical needs. 


Acupuncture is a form of healthcare developed over thousands of years in China, and more recently in other countries, which involves placing needles into the body along energetic channels in order to relieve pain and improve health. It can be helpful for a wide variety of problems, from back pain to anxiety to sinusitis. You may be surprised at what acupuncture can do for you. So please call to discuss your needs and schedule an appointment. 

Home Visits

Home visits are available when medically necessary for both primary care and acupuncture patients. Dr. Grams is happy to help improve healthcare access to homebound patients and offers flexible scheduling.